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A family owned & operated company, SPARTAN SLING MFG INC is located in Windsor, Ontario; Canada. We manufacture alloy chain slings, nylon slings and wire rope slings to customer specifications. Our inventory of industrial rigging & components consists of many well known brands such as Bethlehem Wire Rope, Vanguard, Peerless Chain, Yoke, ACCO, Van Beest, ELT, Motivation, Letellier, Caldwell, Thern, Jeamar, Esmet, Newco, Robar, Columbus McKinnon, Coffing Hoist, Yale, Budgit, Suncor & many, many more.

Our overhead lifting and load securing products are being used by customers globally. In the recent past, we have completely re-fit the Antonov AN-124 fleet with wire rope slings, chain slings, nylon slings & associated rigging hardware. We have also fabricated 350 wire rope choker slings in one day for a major utility company.

Our broad customer base includes industries from A to Z and we support them fully. The very knowledgeable staff at SPARTAN SLING MFG INC also has a truly incredible knowledge base to fall back on thanks to our valued vendors. Sometimes, the best answer is "I don't know, let me get the right answer" and we are not afraid or embarrassed to ask our specialized vendors for help in order to protect your employees from physical harm or your company from financial harm. Safety is paramount.

Feel free to check our 'products' page or click on our 'contacts' button for all of your overhead lifting needs or questions. All we've ever asked a prospective customer for is for an opportunity...

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