About Us

All we have ever asked of a prospective customer is for an opportunity to prove ourselves.

Since we began operations in 1987, SPARTAN SLING MFG INC has continued to grow while maintaining our philosophy of 'What is in the best interest of the customer is what is in the best interest of SPARTAN SLING MFG.'

Since 1987, SPARTAN SLING MFG INC has been producing wire rope slings, alloy chain slings & nylon slings for most every industry imaginable. We distribute many of the finest lifting & rigging products manufactured. SPARTAN SLING MFG INC maintains a 3 warehouse deep industrial hardware supply chain to be sure that all customers receive their products on schedule. Our vendors are very carefully selected based on product quality & reliability.

We clearly understand that it is our responsibility to protect your employees from physical harm while protecting your company from financial harm.

SPARTAN SLING MFG INC is a family owned & operated business. The company founder (Gerry Black) is now retired and his son (Cliff Black) is in charge of the operation of the company as his son (Dustin Black) prepares the future of SPARTAN SLING MFG INC. Each and every employee (including Cliff & Dustin) begins their career sweeping floors & stocking shelves. All employees visit factories, construction sites, mines and other end user businesses so that they may see & appreciate their products in the real world working environment. Each & every employee learns the art of sling making and to this day, even Cliff & Dustin can be found in the shop fabricating chain, nylon or wire rope slings for various customers.

If you want to lift it, drag it, pull it or tie it down... press the contact button. All we've ever asked of a prospective customer is for an opportunity...

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