Eye To Eye Insulating Links

  • Proven Performance in Hi-Voltage & Hi-Current Environments
  • Miller ISO/Link® insulating links are the product of five decades of experience in protection from unwanted electrical discharges in AC or DC environments, while at the same time offering the rugged and secure lifting capability Miller has always been known for.
  • ISO/Link-AC® insulating links protect workers from the leading cause of electrical injury in the workplace, accidental contact between crane booms and overhead power lines. Made of durable high-performance materials, ISO/Link-AC insulating links are rated for 25,000 AC volts. Permanently sealed construction prevents the absorption of moisture and other contaminants. A low-profile alloy steel interlocking matrix insures reliable performance under the most demanding conditions without requiring excessive length. Designed for use in construction, refineries, utility work, and various manufacturing applications, Miller AC insulating links employ a tough, polyurethane dielectric that surpasses natural rubber in durability and electrical resistance. Available to working loads of 60 tons with a design safety factor of 5:1.
  • ISO/Link-DC®
  • ISO/Link-DC® insulating links are specially designed for use in the smelting industry or wherever high DC current is a threat, e.g., industrial welding. The high temperatures, high duty cycle and strong magnetic fields found in smelting environments were all taken into consideration during the development of this addition to the ISO/Link Series. By incorporating a G-10 glass fiber dielectric, the ISO/Link-DC can withstand continuous temperatures as high as 130°C. Each link is tested to 10,000 Volts DC and rated to 1,000 Volts DC. Factory rebuild is possible. Because of its maintenance-oriented design, the ISO/Link-DC is not sealed and is intended for interior use only. Available to working loads of 60 tons with a design safety factor of 5:1.
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