Hi-Lift Bearing Type Roller Sheaves

  • Miller Heavy Duty Sheaves are now available in newly-designed,wear-resistant, cast alloy steel for both Miller Hi-Lift Standard Crane Blocks and for Miller Mobile Crane Blocks.
  • Features of the new designs include a selection of D/d ratios by sheave diameter and wire rope size, a new shape for increased structural strength, more weight for today’s higher and heavier overhaul requirements, and the ability to alter wire groove details to allow compliance with certain industry standards including API2C.
  • Miller Hi-Lift Blocks are furnished standard with new-design, cast alloy steel sheaves and with cylindrical roller bearings up to 20” diameter and with tapered roller bearings for 24” and larger diameters.
  • Miller Mobile Crane Blocks are furnished standard with new–design, cast alloy steel sheaves with full-complement cylindrical double roller bearings
  • Cast alloy steel sheaves are available in standard sizes from 8” to 36” in diameter and are listed in the succeeding tables. Sheaves are available with bare bore, or with bearings or SAE 660 bronze bushings. Stainless steel versions of the sheaves in the following tables are also available. Available with grease fitting by request, lubrication through the sheave pin is recommended. Standard groove angle is 30° minimum and groove radii meet API requirements
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